Bees and butterfly’s at the fruit garden and nursery

The fruit and medicinal herb garden is humming with insects at the moment, the plants are in full flowering mode and the bees are loving the comfrey  and tree lupins and the wild thyme is covered in butterfly’s! It is good to see things emerging after all the ground work put in over the winter, we’ll be propagating plants after the flowering season and continuing to expand and fill the nursery. Scott is off on a bud grafting day on Thursday 23rd July at Days cottage orchard skills center in Gloucestershire to learn more on grafting and propagating. Things at the nursery site will hopefully be up and running enough for us to run some grafting workshops this winter.

Get in touch if you would like to visit.

Check out the Fruit garden and Nursery page for more on what’s there…

From this...
From this…
to this!
to this!

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