Berry Hill Community Orchard ready for spring!

The community orchard at Berry Hill is looking fantastic. After many many volunteer hours put in to planting and organising it looks like it’ll be ready for a grand opening this spring! The group organising the project have been absolutely fantastic and the results really show. With Scott’s advise and help they have planted 15 rare heritage variety fruit trees with great names like ‘Broxwood foxwhelp’, ‘Hendry Huffcap’ and ‘Shit Smock’. There is also a great number of more common but super productive fruit trees including apple, pear, plum and cherry and also over forty soft fruit bushes and nitrogen fixing shrubs. Going in next will be the ground cover of mint and comfrey as well as flower beds for pollinators and the benches.

We are especially excited about this project as it will be a fine example of a permaculture orchard with a diverse mix of fruit trees, fruit bushes, herbs and edible flowers, shrubs for fixing nitrogen and mineral accumulating plants like comfrey to feed the trees. Watch the website for the design / illustration that Nichola is working on to be displayed with the orchard.

There has been so much support from local community residents and even the local college students came and got stuck in. Check out the new page in our projects section for lots of photos of how things are going and click this link for the community orchard Facebook page with more info and updates: See below for photos of the heritage varieties and of all the hard work!

And remember APRIL 30TH!!! That is the date of the official opening of Berry Hill community Orchard.




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