We are crowdfunding to create a nut orchard!

We are pleased to announce that thanks to The A Team Challenge, an innovative project designed to help enlightened agriculture projects (http://ateamchallenge.buzzbnk.org/), we have received a £6,000 pledge to help us set up a nut orchard on 3 acres of land adjacent to our nursery site.
The plan: The ‘Nut Orchard’ project aims to establish a productive nut growing system on 1.25 hectares of pasture land using keyline design and integrated animal use (mob grazing).
We intend on planting around 300 named cultivar performing Nut trees on approximately 3 acres.
This orchard will be a demonstration site used to educate people about sustainable organic land use. Using innovative methods, the ‘Keyline system’ actively builds topsoil and mitigates flooding and soil erosion, increases habitat and bio-diversity to benefit wildlife whilst producing an abundant, staple food crop.
We intend building on our links with organisations around the Forest of Dean, and to bring in local schools and community groups. We also hope to be able to show farmers what can be done differently with land in a profitable, sustainable way.
How you lovely people can help us: To get the £6,000 we need to raise a further £6,000 in match funding through crowdfunding. Follow the link below to see our crowdfunding campaign- there’s a video and Scott is in it! www.buzzbnk.org/NutOrchard
You can donate as little as £10, it all helps! For every donation there is a reward, they get better the more you donate, so take a look at the things on offer. Examples of things you can receive are: a named fruit or nut tree of your choice, a tour of our projects, a full design consultation on your land! You can also buy gift certificates for friends and family, Christmas is coming up!
We have to reach our target in 90 days and counting! We also have milestones and need to reach the first milestone in less than 30 days so please help us out.
If you cannot afford to donate then please support us by sharing this with anyone you think may be interested. We feel these innovative farming practices are essential for a sustainable and healthy future for us all and just sharing the ideas can be as important as the project itself so please do pass on widely.

As a wise person once said about this time of year…
‘Let go of the old & breathe in the new’
All the best and happy autumn!

The Rewild Project team.

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