Fruit Garden and Nursery

The Rewild project has set up a medicinal herb, perennial vegetable and fruit garden. Overlooking a stunning lake, the garden is situated at Noxon Farm in the Forest of Dean. It is an experimental garden, using various organic growing methods including oogle culture, ally cropping, fungal inoculation and gardening with woodchip. The garden also features an espalier fruit fence, an edible hedgerow, a nitrogen fixing and medicinal wind-breaking hedge, ten different varieties of blueberry and other less commonly grown, highly nutritious plants such as apricot, sea buckthorn and cranberry.

Also situated at the garden is The Rewild Project’s bare-root nursery containing a stock of specialist fruit and nut trees, fruit bushes, perennial plants and medicinal herbs. The nursery and garden contain mother plants for propagation and root stock for grafting fruit trees to ensure a continuous supply of affordable forest garden plants for community projects. The Rewild Project has been working hard for the last year establishing the garden and nursery and is looking forward to this summer of fruitful harvest!

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