What we offer



We have an amazing ETSY shop! – please take a look

We are currently working on downloadable project packages to be available on this site until then get in touch if you have a project or an idea you would like to discuss.

A general guide to what we offer:

Forest gardens and permaculture orchards– We can design and implement a perennial edible garden at any scale from a container garden on your patio right up to a community orchard or fruit forest. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Courses– We are running a series of FREE workshops for winter into spring 2016! With support from Foresters’ Forest, a programme sponsored by the Heritage Lottery we are running workshops on edible forest gardening and heritage craft skills. See our Courses page for info… follow link: ‘Courses’

Volunteer opportunities– there are a number of projects with potential opportunity to get involved, check out our volunteering page for info… follow link: ‘volunteering and getting involved’

Primitive skills workshops at schools, events, and festivals including organic traditional tanning, skinning and butchery, bush-craft and natural art.

Rewild experience days– We can provide whole day outdoor learning experiences which we can tailor to suit your needs. We can provide days for kids or adults, schools, community groups or just a group of like minded individuals and they can range from learning to make organic sheepskins; fire by friction, den building and climbing trees with ropes; ‘art in the woods’- using natural materials to be expressive and creative; foraging, fermenting and cooking on fire. Watch this space for experience packages we can offer and get in touch if you have a group that is interested.

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