Volunteering and getting involved…

We have a number of ways people can get involved with what we are doing, if you have a skill or an idea you would like to share with us we would love to hear from you, we hope to have increasing opportunities for sessional workers to run workshops and courses for us and are always interested to hear what people have to offer. We also have a number of ongoing and occasional projects to get involved with, scroll down to see the latest and upcoming opportunities…


Berryhill orchard designPlanting a Community orchard.

Saturday 5th December / Sunday 6th December

Come help plant a community orchard being set up at Berryhill in the Forest of Dean! Scott has got involved with the group to help design and implement the orchard. The design for the orchard uses forest garden principles clustering fruit bushes, nitrogen fixing shrubs and herbs around the fruit trees. There are going to be areas of heritage variety fruit trees with a good mix of apple, pear, plum and cherry, and there will also be a productive area using more fruit tree varieties that are known for being very productive. The design includes tree lupin’s for nitrogen fixing and mint and comfrey for ground cover and companion planting.

The areas have been marked out at the site and a good fence put up to protect the young trees and plants from Deer and other animals. The first planting will take place on the weekend of the 5th / 6th December from approx. 10am till dark each day. Bring suitable clothing and footwear as it is all outside. Get in touch if you are planning to come along and we can give you a detailed description of how to find the site: E-mail- info@therewildproject.com

coppice woodlandPlanting trees for a new coppice woodland.
Plans are underway for the planting of a new coppice woodland at Angus Buchanan Recreation ground in Coleford. The project will create a mixed coppice to be used for craft material such as green woodworking and will also create habitat for wildlife. The planting will be done by local school groups and other volunteers and groups with an aim to educate many people about the benefits of creating and managing coppice woodland. The site will be open to the public and hopefully enjoyed by all for many years to come.

We are expecting the planting to happen late this winter, dates to start planting have yet to be confirmed. Get in touch if you are interested in getting involved with this exciting project: E-mail- info@therewildproject.com

working hardCreating a sensory Garden

We are building a sensory garden for Sevenoaks in Coleford; a home for people with learning difficulties run by the Orchard Trust in the forest of Dean. The design was drawn up by ourselves in response to the natural formation of the land that suggested the features of a face, the garden will incorporate plants and features such as two ponds linked by flowing water that will both stimulate the senses and benefit wildlife, with plants for smelling in the nose area, plants for stimulating sight in the eyes area etc. The planting will be based on forest garden principals, aiming for multi layers, useful plants (edible or medicinal) and low maintenance, whilst being accessible to wheelchair users.

The garden is really taking shape now, the paths have been dug out and laid by our team, volunteers, staff and service users at Sevenoaks, everyone has been really enthusiastic about the project and a great help at bringing it together. We will have more opportunities for people to help and get involved with this exciting project as it progresses over the next six months or so, get in touch if you have a group or you would like to come along to a volunteer day: E-mail- info@therewildproject.com.

For more information on this project follow this link: Sensory garden for sevenoaks