Meet the team

Scott BaineScott Baine

Scott Baine has been a gardener / Traditional Tanner / Arborist / forest gardener / community organiser and workshop leader for over a decade.  He promotes the sustainable use of land and management of woodlands through talks, workshops, courses and community projects.  He has set up a successful forest garden and plant nursery at the multi award winning community growing project ‘Feed Bristol’, is currently working on projects with Incredible Edible Bristol and runs workshops for Rypelwood coppice coop on Traditional skinning, butchery and tanning. In the Forest of Dean he is designing and implementing a sensory garden for the Orchard Trust and runs courses at Oaklands Park on Organic sheepskin tanning and making bark tanned deerskin leather. He has studied at a traditional handicraft school in northern Sweden and at the Agroforestry Research Trust; a pioneering centre for research into resilient, local food growing in a temperate climate and has also completed a Sustainable Land Use course in the forest of dean. Recently he has completed a O.L.N in Community Horticulture. Along with this he has experience of living outdoors in all seasons for several years in Canada and Sweden. Scott is inspired by learning and teaching ancestral land based skills and combining such knowledge with new approaches to land use in order to create a more resilient future.

Nichola GoffNichola Goff

Nichola Goff is an artist and print-maker. Trained in the traditional craft of fine art printmaking, Nichola also has a background in community arts and has worked and studied at masters level in the field of Art, health and wellbeing. She currently works as print technician at the University of South Wales, is a freelance artist and is working on creating a sensory garden for the Orchard Trust in the forest of Dean. Also experienced in organising outdoor events and working with community woodlands, Nichola has been committed for over 10 years to the promotion of a more sustainable use of our natural resources, land and human energy. Merging art and ecology Nichola hopes to inspire a deeper understanding of our natural environment and our relationship to it, through participatory art, craft and community land based projects.

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